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About HOSO

SHENZHEN HOSO METAL Co., LTD focus on three major businesses: tungsten and molybdenum refractory metal, special copper alloy, and machinery parts per customer´s drawings for industry. We supply the copper tungsten (CuW), silver tungsten (AgW), tungsten base high density alloy, and the ODSC, CuCrZr, CuBe…, With varity precision machining equipment,we also supply the finished parts  as resistance welding electrode, EDM machining electrode and electrical contacts and heat sink.


We have registered our trademarks:

HOSOPM® for powder metallurgy material. For example: tungsten, molybdenum and their composite

HOSOCU® for special copper alloy. For example: ODS copper, CuCrZr, BeCu.

HOSOCP® for machinery parts. For example: resistance spot welding electrode, EDM electrode, heat sink...


To get more detail of HOSO, refer to HOSO company presentation. We provide the one stop service and create the maximum value to our customers.