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Plasma Thermal spray electrode

tungsten copper electrode of plasma thermal spray electrode for GTV, FST, Metco, AMT... etc.

PCD tools rotary disc erosion copper wheel for Vollmer and Walter

HOSOCP PCD tools disc erosion copper wheel for Vollmer and Walter. CuW and WoCu material for Voro2 and 13VF8-E, 11V9 25GR, 1A1, 6A2, 11V9, standard size and custom size per drawing.

copper tungsten electronic package,base plate,heat sink

We produce the copper tungsten heat sink for RF, OPTO, and series products for TO254, TO257, also has heat seperator, IC substrate, base plate, package flange

CuW copper tungsten EDM spark erosion electrodes

copper tungsten electrode for tungsten carbide work-piece spark erosion. our product without the porosity issue and very good internal structure.

tungsten spot welding electrode

Tungsten electrode has high melting point. It has excellent proporites for high temperature strength, creep resistance

No-Ferrous metal Insert Spot welding Electrodes

DNB and back casting copper with tungsten insert spot welding electrode. Our product is wildly used as the copper sheet and copper wire spot welding.

MIG and SAW Welding Contact Tips

Sub-merged arc welding working in the heavy current and high temperature working environment

Battery Spot Welding Electrodes

HOSO METAL has more than ten years experience produce the batter welding electrode

Resistance Welding Electrodes

Start from the raw material to the finished parts, HOSO offer one-stop service to our customers.

Stud Nut Welding Electrodes

In the automotive industrial, bridge, construction, lots of sheet and workpiece need be connected by the nut.

Tungsten Carbide Silver Contacts

Silver tungsten(AgW) contacts normally content 20%-80% tungsten element and other remain content is silver. so it has good thermal conductivity with high electrical conductivity

Tungsten Copper Electrical Contacts

Copper tungsten composite has tungsten’s advantage of wear resistance and copper’s advantage of high electrical conductivity.

copper tungsten with shank and CuW bi-metal

HOSO metal use the vacuum welding technology bonding the copper tungsten alloy with the Iron (shank material) together. HOSO good at the bi-metal design

Package sealing seam welding roller electrode

electronic package sealing welding wheel for the golden plating, kovar, Ni-plating material. Our product use for SSEC, benchmark
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