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Plasma Thermal spray electrode

Plasma Thermal spray electrode


HOSO produces the palasma thermal spray electrode(cathode and anode), we use the back casting technology combine the tungsten and copper. Those advanced join technology created non-defect bonding between two materials with the best themral coductivity.

plasma thermal spray electrode

Base on customer's drawing, we offer the electrode for GTV, FST, Metco, AMT...etc. The most popular product for 9MB and F4. We use high density tungsten combine Oxygen-free copper. Our electrode has the advantage of stable arc, voltage drop down slowly.


HOSO's plasma thermal spray electrode advantage

1) high quality tungsten and tungsten alloy. Our company's tungsten has longer life time.

Material Oxide doped tungsten content(wt%) emmision (eV)
HOSOPM900 - 99.95 4.25-5.01
HOSOPM922 1% balance 1.7-4.2
HOSOPM902 2% balance 2.0-3.0

2) Advanced bonding technology, without any prosity between the copper shank and tungsten tips


Our samples of plasma electrode

HOSOCP®600900 HOSOCP®600900 HOSOCP®600 HOSOCP®600922 HOSOCP®600900
copepr tungsten cathode copper tungsten anode copper cathode copper cathode copper tungsten anode
HOSOCP®600900 HOSOCP®600900 HOSOCP®600922 HOSOCP®601922 HOSOCP®600922
copper tungsten anode copper tungsten anode copper tungsten anode copper tungsten cathode



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