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In industrial high temperature application, tungsten is the best choice due to it very high melting temperatures (3410°C). Combine with the hardness and high electrical conductivities, our product can fulfill the international standard of GB/T 3875-2006 and ASTM B760.

tungsten plateThanks our unique technology to develop high purity, high densification and high recrystallisation temperature tungsten material. Our tungsten products are wildly used as the resistance welding electrodes, plasma nozzle, Especially for the copper wire welding.

We supply the tungsten rod, tungsten plate (general stock size)and tungsten parts, tungsten electrode which is according to customer’s drawing.

HOSOPM®900 is our registered trademark of pure tungsten product. Which is fully equivalent to the international grade of RWMA Class 13,100W.

HOSOPM®900 physical properties:

Trade mark Composite (%wt.) Density (g/cm3) Hardness (HRC) Electrical conductivity (%IACS) Class RWMA
HOSOPM900 W> 99.95 19.3 36 30 13 13.7430

* above is typical properties just for reference.

HOSOPM® 900 tungsten advantages:

  • High melting temperature (3410°C)
  • Low thermal expansion conductivity
  • High resistance
  • Low vapor pressure
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • High density
  • High purity

Which should you choose, pure tungsten or alloy?

Tungsten and its alloy has perfect function in different application, but it is very important to choose suitable material according to the application . Below lists show up some hints help you choice right material:

  •  Physical properties: Melting temperature, vapor pressure, density, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, coefficient of thermal expansion, electron emission capability
  • Mechanical properties: Strength, fracture characteristics, creep resistance and ductility
  • Chemical properties:  corrosion resistance, etching
  • Machinability: Machining, forming, welding
  • The micro structure and the characteristics of recrystallization characteristics: The recrystallization temperature, embrittlement, aging effect

Matierl choice table





≥99.95% tungsten

high temperature resistance


2% Cerium oxide

A low electron work function, strong arcing ability, long service life


1-2% lanthanum oxide

low electron work function


2% thorium oxide

good thermal stability, radioactive


10-60% copper

hardness and electrical conductivity good balance