tungsten electrode for copper wire resistance welding

Tungsten electrode has high melting point. It has excellent proporites for high temperature strength, creep resistance,  electron emission. Moreover, tungsten is low coefficient of expansion and the lowest metal vapor pressure. In generally, we adopt powder metallurgy to produce tungsten alloy.

Tungsten electrode is used in welding, high voltage anode, cathode discharge and heat transfer devices.

HOSO Metal design the electrode especially for the resistance welding. For more details refer to our tungstent electrode catalogue. Normally, Our tungsten electrode has two types:

1: pure tungsten electrode

pure tungsten-245x140pure tunstentungsten electrode tungsten electrode 22: tungsten-faced electrode, shank material copper, BeCu, or CuCrlZr.

W electrode -245jpgtungsten electrode-245

tungsten tips electrode tunsten tip electrode