tungsten carbide copper,WCCu

copper tungsten carbide partsHOSO Metal use the press-sintering-infiltration process to produce the tungsten carbide copper alloy(CuWC). The content of tungsten carbide is from 50% to 70% by weight.

It has very good mechanical strengthen and perfect arc wear resistance capability. Based on these significant characteristic; it is used widely in the vacuum electrical contacts.

This alloy includes tungsten carbide, so it is high wear-resistant and keep good specification in the application of heavy load. Gradually, tungsten carbide copper is used widely in high current vacuum contactor.

tungsten carbide copper properties:

Trade mark







 WC:50 Cu: balance





 WC:56 Cu:balance





 WC:70 Cu:balance



typical application:

  • HOSOPM249 has higher electrical conductivity and it is more for tapped in the switch sliding block. Moreover, it can use in transformer switch and load a lot of contact.
  • Because of good mechanical wear resistance, HOSOPM256 is the most common electrical contact materials. In shock pressure oil switch, it is used to be arc contactor.
  • HOSOPM270 is usually used in electric upsetting forging as well as electricity. It has higher hardness and strength, but difficult to process.