What the different between DSC and CuCrlZr?

Oxide dispersion strengthen copper and chromium zirconium copper has similar physical characteritics if we only consider the density, hardness and electrical conductivity. But we all know the ODSC electrode is better than chromium zirconium for the zinc plating steel resistance spot welding. It is no stick issue when welding the plated metal sheet.

It probably because of below reasons:

1) The CuCrZr alloy soft temperature is 500ºC. But most of metal’s melting temperature is around 1000ºC. so the CuCrZr will be soft when the nugget generate.


2) Zinc’s vaporization temperature quite low. So the electrode tips would be contaminated by zinc when the welding process.

3) DSC copper contains the Al2O3 particle which is very stable and resist the zinc goes in the alloy.


Below metallographic structure shows the stable performance when we produce the alloy.

copper compare