PCD tools rotary electrodes for Vollmer and Walter

HOSO metal make the copper tungsten grinding wheel and disk erosion electrodes for PCD tools disc erosion machining. Our product perfect answer the demanding of Vollmer, Walter, Lach, Enokida, Until now we already produce more than 170 different kinds of size electrode which delivery to worldwide.

PCD tools disc erosion copper wheel – HOSO metal’s typical item code is TE, CE, SK, UE, UX, UR… etc. We delivery standard size electrode for Walter and Vollmer disc erosion machine. And we produce customize electrode per customer’s drawing. PCD tools disk erosion copper wheel catalogue ( PDF, 530K).

TE type especially forQW,QM,QMC,QR270,QXD400,QXD200. Typical HOSO item code: TE125604072. Fully corresponding to voro 2, 6A2 series model.

pcd erosion electrode TE TYPEpcd erosion electrode

CE type: equivalent size 11V9, 12V9,Typical HOSO item code: CE125204072


UE type is the most common used rotary electrodes. Typical HOSO item code: UE150601072. Fully corresponding to voro 2, grinding wheel type 1A1, 6A2 series model.


copper tungsten tube

tungsten copper rotary electrodes material properties:

Material Content(%wt.) Density  (g/cm³ ) Conductivity (% IACS) Hardness (HRB) Class # RWMA
HOSOPM070 W70Cu30 13.9 45 88
HOSOPM075 W75Cu25 14.5 40 94 11 11.74400
HOSOPM080 W80Cu20 15.2 35 98 12 12.74350

Special design of wheel electrode:

With special process we has capability banding the Aluminum at the wheel middle, and outside is CuW alloy. The final product gross weight much less than the pure copper tungsten wheel. For the erosion machine who don’t have rigid shaft this design can avoid the vibration issue.

aluminum grinding wheel