nickel silicon copper

nickel silicon copper plateHOSOCU®303 is that metal copper adds metal nickel and silicon to smelt to alloying products. Through vacuum casting – hot forging – solid solution process – cold forging, heat treatment and other production process, we can produce high conductivity, high thermal conductivity, and high hardness and high wear resistance, creep resistance and corrosion resistance of silicon bronze alloy products.

HOSOCU®303 is a supersaturated solid solution of copper base alloy and non-ferrous alloy of good mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties and corrosion resistance. Silicon bronze price is higher cost performance of a copper alloy material.

HOSOCU®303 nickel silicon copper equivalent grade:

ASTM C18200; RWMA Class 3

HOSOCU®303 nickel silicon copper properties:

Trade Mark






Si: 0.60-1.1%, Ni: 2.4-3.4%, Cu: balance




HOSOCU®303 application:

consumer parts

Silicon bronze electrodes, Resistance welding equipment parts, electrode rod, shaft and packing material, or as a large convex welding machine mould, fixture, welding electrodes, seam welding wheel, electrode holder, plastic mould parts, needs of high-temperature abrasion resistance of the conductive equipment parts, GangQian with melt pump wheel, amorphous ribbon factory, die-casting machine, punch, heat conducting plate, etc.Various electrode materials can be used for resistance welding and flash welding electrodes, bearings, bushings, wei yu mould material and damping materials

HOSOCU®303 Nickel silicon copper general stock: 

Silicon bronze sheet, silicon bronze bar, round cakes specification, square bar, hexagonal bar, ring specifications, etc. We can process all kind of HOSOCU201according to the drawing.