ODSC,Glidcop,Oxide dispersion strengthen copper

OSDCOxide dispersion strengthens copper also called as DSC, ODSC. Al2O3 copper. The copper alloy material is to use 12 to 25 nm tiny Al2O3 particles reinforced copper matrix. The ODSC has high strength, high hardness, high conductivity and high softening temperature performance

Because contain very stable Al2O3 particle inside copper metallographical, so the ODSC can keep the hardness at the 1000ºC. HOSOCU®150 is the first choice of spot welding galvanized sheet and nickel plating work piece. It can eliminate the stick issue.

Compare to the other copper alloy like CuCrZr, BeCu…etc, ODSC is the best electrode material if the work-piece is zinc-plating, Nickle-plating.

Our company’s ODSC fully pass the RoHS testing which allows your electrical device answer the RoHS request.

HOSOCU®150 properties and application:

Trade Mark AL






Typical Application
HOSOCU®150J 0.15 68 92

Precision automation resistance welding

HOSOCU®150H 0.60 80 78 Spot welding need middle to high force

HOSOMETAL’s ODSC product:   we supply the rod, bar, wheel and we can supply the resistance spot welding electrode for battery welding, car welding. we also produce the electrode per customer’s drawing.

OSDC tube

ODSC tube

ODSC wheel

ODSC wheel