copper tungsten contacts, CuW contacts, fix contact, moving contact

Copper tungsten composite has tungsten’s advantage of wear resistance and copper’s advantage of high electrical conductivity. So it is the good material for produce the electrical contacts.

We use vacuum infiltration prcoss produce the CuW contact tips. Our tungsten copper alloy and the AgW, CuWC, AgWC pass through the air-content test. That O2< 50ppm, N2< 20ppm, H2<5ppm. The test result shows our product can fully suitable for the Oil cut transformer(SF6), vacuum middle and low voltage switch. Our copper tungsten properties comply with ASTM B702.

HOSOMTAL has two kinds of contacts

  • pure copper tungsten electrical contacts
  • CuW-faced join with copper, CuCrZr shank electrical contacts

HOSOMETAL copper tungsten moving contact:

copper tungsten contacts

From the alloy material to the finished parts. We supply one stop service to our customer. we have the high precision CNC, grinding, Milling, machining the final parts according to customer’s drawing.