tungsten,molybdenum and alloy(HOSOPM series)

HOSOMETAL is a manufacturer of powder metallurgy material. HOSOPM® is our registered trademark for tungsten, molybdenum and its alloy.


copper tungsten

tungsten copperHOSOPM® 0 series

Tungsten and copper composite, typical grade: CuW50, CuW70, CuW75, CuW80, 5W3, 10W3, 10W53, 20W3, 20W53, Class10, Class11, Class12, A1WC, A10WC, A20WC, A30WC,  T70, T75, T80, T90.

Application: resistance welding electrode, EDM electrode, heat sink, weight counter, electrical contacts…

We also supply machinery parts according to customer’s drawing.

silver tungsten

silver tungsten

tungsten silver - HOSOPM®1 series

tungsten and silver composite, typical grade: AgW, WAg, AgW50, AgW60, AgW70, AgW75, S35A2, S40A2, S50A2, S35A1, S40A1, S50A1, S35B2, S45B2, 20S, 35S, 50S.

Our tungsten silver products without any porosity issue. We delivery the best price and performance products to worldwide.

Typical application: resistance welding electrode, EDM electrode, wear resistance shaft, electrical contacts.

copper tungsten carbide

tungsten carbide copper

tungsten-carbide copperHOSOPM®2 series

tungsten-carbide and copper composite. Typical grade: CuWC50, CuWC60, CuWC70, TC5, TC10, TC20.

typical application: Vacuum electrical contacts, die-facing, high loading resistance welding electrode, electrical upsetting and forging.

Our tungsten-carbide copper has very high hardness and electrical conductivity, wear resistance so its hard to machining.

tungsten carbide silver

tungsten carbide silver

tungsten-carbide silver - HOSOPM® 3 series

tungsten-carbide and silver composite. typcical grade: AgWC, WCAg, G12, G13, G14, 1060, 3042, 3150

 Typical application: electrical contacts