Special Copper Alloy(HOSOCU series)

HOSOMETAL use high purity raw material and advanced casting technology to produce special copper alloy. All the manufacturing process is strictly controlled so our copper alloy has very good properties and stable quality.

barchromium zirconium copper

CuCrlZr, CuCr

chromium zirconium copper: HOSOCU®201, HOSOCU®202

Typical grade: UNS.C18200, RWMA Class 2, CDA18200, ISO5182-1991, ASTM C18200,CuCr, DIN 2.1291, CW105C to EN, UNS.C18150, SAE J461,463;RWMA Class 2, ISO5182-1991,ASTM C18150, CuCr1Zr, DIN 17666 2.1293, CW106C to EN.

Application: Resistance welding electrodes, edm electrodes, the electric power system, connectors, high temperature resistant conductive parts, high power electric contact.

Beryllium copper

Beryllium copper

Beryllium copper: HOSOCU®301, HOSOCU®302, HOSOCU®303

Typical grade: BS2874 CC 112, DIN 17666 wn 2.1285, DIN 17672- DIN 44759, ISO 1187-NFA 82100, ASTM B441-B534-B870: C17500, MIL 46087-RWMA class 3, SAE CA 184, ASTM B441, SAE J461,463; RWMA Class 3 ,ASTM B534, CuNi2Be, DIN.2.0850, CW110C to EN

Application: resistance welding equipment parts, welding electrodes, seam welding wheel, electrode holder, plastic mould parts.



Oxidation Dispersion Strengthen Copper: HOSOCU®150

Typical grade: RWMA Class 20,ASTM C15715, ASTM C15725, ASTM C15760, ODSC

Application: resistance welding electrodes, MIG contact tips, without stick issue.