HOSO catalogue,article and education resource

General information:

HOSO company profile – HOSO history and major business, market segment. update: 2017/12/06

HOSO product overview , product introduce and picture shows HOSO really produce. update: 2016/05/01

Product brochures:

copper tungsten brochure , general copper tungsten alloy introduce. update: 2015/08/03

copper tungsten PCD tools erosion disk electrode,  HOSO’s best quality of copper tungsten electrode for the Vollmer and Walter consumer parts. update: 2016/05/01

copper tungsten pillar general size in stock, for nut welding electrode tips. 2016/06/25

silver tungsten brochure, general silver tungsten alloy introduce. update: 2016/04/25

tungsten electrode,  copper wire resistance welding electrode. 2016/05/09

Technical document:


copper tungsten EDM electrode basic and general size in stock 2016/9/26


submerged arc welding contact tips 2016/11/4

Battery spot welding electrode size and stock update: 12/27/2017