weight counter

We produce the good proportion consistency of counter weight and we have a variety of materials tungsten copper, tungsten copper nickel, tungsten nickel iron to choose. At the same time, we possess certain mechanical processing capacity, and we can produce finished parts according to customer’s drawings.

weight counter

Counterweight parts are used to increase its weight to balance the weight. Balance weight block can be made to swing, weight transfer, imbalances and vibration situation to make up. It forms or changes the center of gravity to ensure the best balance. Balance weight block is a key component in many different applications. It helps to reduce parts on the load, so as to prolong the service life of parts.

Application case is as follows:

Aerospace: propeller and helicopter blades
automobile industry: crankshaft counterweight and chassis counter weight
Watchmaking: pendulum clocks rotor
Sports equipment: golf clubs
Optical industry: microscopes and measuring instruments Narrow space placed the heavier elements

We produce the density of material up to 18.89 g/cm³, so when we need to put heavier elements into narrow space, our w-base high proportion alloy performance shows superior performance