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HOSO company profile – HOSO history and major business, market segment. update: 2017/12/06

HOSO product overview , product introduce and picture shows HOSO really produce. update: 2016/05/01

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copper tungsten brochure , general copper tungsten alloy introduce. update: 2015/08/03

copper tungsten PCD tools erosion disk electrode,  HOSO’s best quality of copper tungsten electrode for the Vollmer and Walter consumer parts. update: 2016/05/01

copper tungsten pillar general size in stock, for nut welding electrode tips. 2016/06/25

silver tungsten brochure, general silver tungsten alloy introduce. update: 2016/04/25

tungsten electrode,  copper wire resistance welding electrode. 2016/05/09

Technical document:


copper tungsten EDM electrode basic and general size in stock 2016/9/26


submerged arc welding contact tips 2016/11/4

Battery spot welding electrode size and stock update: 12/27/2017

HOSOMETAL material

HOSOMETAL produce two kinds of metal or alloy.

1) tungsten, molybdenum and their alloys. Which we called powder metallurgy metal or refractory metal. Since tungsten and molybdenum has very high melt point, so it can not use the conventional casting process to produce it. HOSOMETAL’s powder metallurgy process:


In the procedure of powder metallurgy, powder mix, pressing and sintering are three key factors to guarantee quality. We, HOSOMETAL has rich experiences in all process router and we can adjust and optimize process according to clients’ demanding.

2) CuCrlZr, CuCr, ODSC, CuBe, CuCoBe, CuNiBe, and CuSiNi which is the special copper alloy major used as the resistance spot welding electrode.


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Electrical and power electrode

we make the electrical contact with copper tungsten(CuW), silver tungsten(AgW), copper tungsten carbide(CuWC), and silver tungsten carbide(AgWC).

 from the material to the final parts we supply one stop service.

heat sink

HOSOMETAL supply the copper tungsten heat sink and heat management device.

Electronic packaging is to put a certain function of the integrated circuit chips (including semiconductor integrated circuit chips, thin film integrated circuit substrate, hybrid integrated circuit chips) placed in a corresponding shell container, which can provide a stable environment to protect chips work normally and keep stable functions in integrated circuit. At the same time, encapsulation also is connection method of outputting and inputting to make the transition to outside, and it can form a completed entirety with chips. Electronic packaging material are requested certain mechanical strength, good electrical properties, thermal properties and chemical stability. According to the different type of integrated circuit and practical place, we choose different packaging structure and materials.

IPC base plate

weight counter

We produce the good proportion consistency of counter weight and we have a variety of materials tungsten copper, tungsten copper nickel, tungsten nickel iron to choose. At the same time, we possess certain mechanical processing capacity, and we can produce finished parts according to customer’s drawings.

weight counter

Counterweight parts are used to increase its weight to balance the weight. Balance weight block can be made to swing, weight transfer, imbalances and vibration situation to make up. It forms or changes the center of gravity to ensure the best balance. Balance weight block is a key component in many different applications. It helps to reduce parts on the load, so as to prolong the service life of parts.

Application case is as follows:

Aerospace: propeller and helicopter blades
automobile industry: crankshaft counterweight and chassis counter weight
Watchmaking: pendulum clocks rotor
Sports equipment: golf clubs
Optical industry: microscopes and measuring instruments Narrow space placed the heavier elements

We produce the density of material up to 18.89 g/cm³, so when we need to put heavier elements into narrow space, our w-base high proportion alloy performance shows superior performance

HOSOCP resistance welding product introduce

HOSO Metal can produce spot welding electrode, seam welding wheel, projection welding electrode, submerge arc contact tips…from the metal alloy manufacture to the finished welding electrode, HOSO Metal provide the one stop service to our customer.

Good performance resistance welding electrode should following below two principle  

  • reasonable electrode design
  • choice the right metal alloy

tips for reasonable electrode design:

Over heat possible reason

The risk of over heat

Possible solution

Unreasonable electrode design

Work piece distortion, crack

Use DOE simulate heat behave

Welding parameter setting incorrect

Electrode top deformation

Adjust the parameter setting

Cooling system design incorrect

Work piece’s metal or plating layer stick the electrode

Choice right material or use the combine electrode design

Electrode life time reduce

Improve the cooling system


Moldmaking and tooling

Mold is used for molding item tool, which is composted to all kind of parts. Different moulds made up to different parts. It is mainly by the changes of the molding material physical state to implement items shape processing. In mould industry production, we produce all kind of mould and tool of needed products by injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging molding, smelting, punching, stretching methods.

we supply the below product for the EDM molding application:

EDM die sink copper tungsten electrode:

EDM small hole drilling electrode:

we also make below electrode for the EDMing:

  • tungsten copper electrode with shank
  • chromium copper square bar
  • PCD tools disk erosion copper tungsten electrode
  • tungsten copper thread electrode,etc
  • tapping electrode
  • hot runner nozzle nozzle


HOSO METAL machining parts (HOSOCP series)

HOSOMETAL advantages:

  • Material manufacture: HOSOMETAL dedicate material manufacture more than ten years we make the best quality tungsten base, copper base alloy
  • Machining service: HOSOMETAl has high precision equipment such as CNC, Grinding, Milling, Lathe. all the equipment adopt industry special requirement.
  • Application study: HOSOMetal try the best understand customer’s application to bring the material and machinery parts answer our customer’s demanding.


We have full line machining equipment which can machining the parts according to customer’s drawing.

Special Copper Alloy(HOSOCU series)

HOSOMETAL use high purity raw material and advanced casting technology to produce special copper alloy. All the manufacturing process is strictly controlled so our copper alloy has very good properties and stable quality.

barchromium zirconium copper

CuCrlZr, CuCr

chromium zirconium copper: HOSOCU®201, HOSOCU®202

Typical grade: UNS.C18200, RWMA Class 2, CDA18200, ISO5182-1991, ASTM C18200,CuCr, DIN 2.1291, CW105C to EN, UNS.C18150, SAE J461,463;RWMA Class 2, ISO5182-1991,ASTM C18150, CuCr1Zr, DIN 17666 2.1293, CW106C to EN.

Application: Resistance welding electrodes, edm electrodes, the electric power system, connectors, high temperature resistant conductive parts, high power electric contact.

Beryllium copper

Beryllium copper

Beryllium copper: HOSOCU®301, HOSOCU®302, HOSOCU®303

Typical grade: BS2874 CC 112, DIN 17666 wn 2.1285, DIN 17672- DIN 44759, ISO 1187-NFA 82100, ASTM B441-B534-B870: C17500, MIL 46087-RWMA class 3, SAE CA 184, ASTM B441, SAE J461,463; RWMA Class 3 ,ASTM B534, CuNi2Be, DIN.2.0850, CW110C to EN

Application: resistance welding equipment parts, welding electrodes, seam welding wheel, electrode holder, plastic mould parts.



Oxidation Dispersion Strengthen Copper: HOSOCU®150

Typical grade: RWMA Class 20,ASTM C15715, ASTM C15725, ASTM C15760, ODSC

Application: resistance welding electrodes, MIG contact tips, without stick issue.

tungsten,molybdenum and alloy(HOSOPM series)

HOSOMETAL is a manufacturer of powder metallurgy material. HOSOPM® is our registered trademark for tungsten, molybdenum and its alloy.


copper tungsten

tungsten copperHOSOPM® 0 series

Tungsten and copper composite, typical grade: CuW50, CuW70, CuW75, CuW80, 5W3, 10W3, 10W53, 20W3, 20W53, Class10, Class11, Class12, A1WC, A10WC, A20WC, A30WC,  T70, T75, T80, T90.

Application: resistance welding electrode, EDM electrode, heat sink, weight counter, electrical contacts…

We also supply machinery parts according to customer’s drawing.

silver tungsten

silver tungsten

tungsten silver - HOSOPM®1 series

tungsten and silver composite, typical grade: AgW, WAg, AgW50, AgW60, AgW70, AgW75, S35A2, S40A2, S50A2, S35A1, S40A1, S50A1, S35B2, S45B2, 20S, 35S, 50S.

Our tungsten silver products without any porosity issue. We delivery the best price and performance products to worldwide.

Typical application: resistance welding electrode, EDM electrode, wear resistance shaft, electrical contacts.

copper tungsten carbide

tungsten carbide copper

tungsten-carbide copperHOSOPM®2 series

tungsten-carbide and copper composite. Typical grade: CuWC50, CuWC60, CuWC70, TC5, TC10, TC20.

typical application: Vacuum electrical contacts, die-facing, high loading resistance welding electrode, electrical upsetting and forging.

Our tungsten-carbide copper has very high hardness and electrical conductivity, wear resistance so its hard to machining.

tungsten carbide silver

tungsten carbide silver

tungsten-carbide silver - HOSOPM® 3 series

tungsten-carbide and silver composite. typcical grade: AgWC, WCAg, G12, G13, G14, 1060, 3042, 3150

 Typical application: electrical contacts

About Us

HOSO METAL Co., LTD is the manufacturer who focus on three major businesses: tungsten and molybdenum refractory metal, special copper alloy, and machinery parts per customer´s drawings for industry. HOSO METAL manufactures the copper tungsten (CuW), silver tungsten (AgW), tungsten base high density alloy, and the ODSC, CuCrZr, CuBe…,etc. Our Products are widely used as resistance welding electrode, EDM machining electrode and electrical contact and heat sink. Refer to HOSO product overview (PDF, 750K).


We have registered our trademarks  HOSOPM® for powder metallurgy material, HOSOCU® for special copper alloy and HOSOCP® for machinery parts. To get more detail of HOSO, refer to HOSO company presentation (PDF, 780K).

Starting from the metal material to the finished parts we provide the one stop service and create the maximum value to customers.

In 2013, we made heavy investment and expanded our factory to a new higher level.

HOSO METAL’s powder metallurgy  equipment.

HOSO Company milestone:

2001 -Mr.Joy Zhu founded Shenzhen xin’an copper business unit.

2004He founded the company Shenzhen Wande copper alloy Co., Ltd. and dealing the copper alloy and tungsten material.

2008 – Mr.Joy Zhu decided to establish a new company called Shenzhen Sunlin metalwork Co., Ltd. to produce the tungsten base alloy.

2010 – Wande and Sunlin merged, Mr. Joy worked as Gereral Manager who successful brought company to new level.

2013 – Mr.Joy Zhu decided to expand our capacity of tungsten base alloy and the company moved to a new site with name changed to “HOSO METAL Co., Ltd”

2016 – HOSO assign the first agent in Korea. Start from 2016, we handle more than 200 customers of 38 countries outside of China. Company join AWS and RWMA as the sustaining membership.